What is a Presbyterian?
The word Presbyterian means 'elder' - we use democratic principles to elect elders who make decisions for the church. We are a Christian church formed around the principles of a representative democracy. Incidentally, the 'founding fathers' (many of them Presbyterians) formed our United States government on these Presbyterian principles.


How are you different from other churches?
In 2009 we celebrated the 500th birthday of John Calvin. Calvin had a unique understanding of the church - he believed there should be checks and balances (not a hierarchy), that each person was a priest/minister, and that salvation was a gift from God (not something we earn). His followers called themselves 'reformers' or 'protestants'. Today more than 70 denominations around the world, including Presbyterians, apply these principles.


What are the essentials?
To love God and one another and to follow the teachings and example of Jesus.

What if I am not sure what I believe - am I welcome?
Jesus said 'come.' So do we. People come to Heritage seeking to have a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God; we try not to get in the way.

What do you mean, 'you try not to get in the way?
We are not about rules. Long ago someone summed it up this way, "Love God and do as you please." When you love God, you live accordingly. We don't have lots of rules about how to live-just one rule, love God and love others as yourself.

Does that mean that you have differences of opinion?
Of course, we are not into 'group-think' but value that people of good will can and do disagree on things. "In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, freedom; in all things, love."

What about Jesus being our personal Lord and Savior - do you also believe that?
Yes, but because it is personal it will be expressed and experienced by each of us in unique ways. Again, one size does not fit all at Heritage. We value and treasure that each one of us is on a journey. Jesus is 'the way' - we are seeking to find that way.

If I attend Heritage, what should I expect?
Expect to be challenged. Christ bids a person come and die. I figured that would get your attention --  but I wanted you to think about it. We are not here to play nice or to be a social group. We gather because Christ has called us to gather and to become his disciples. Maybe you are being called to join us. Maybe not. Heritage is a gift. We don't push it on people. Some people aren't ready.


Don't you worry that if I don't come I won't be saved?
It's not our job to save you. We couldn't even if we wanted to. What we can do, however, is tell you the good news of the gospel - 2,000 years ago Jesus died on a cross for the salvation of the world. He saves, not us. We worship him - more importantly, we try to follow him.

If you aren't trying to save me, do you want my money?                                                                 No, we don't want or need your money. Come to Heritage and sit on your wallet. If God leads you to support this ministry, you will feel a great joy in doing so. If we try to get you to come to Heritage for your money you will resent it, and we will loath that we have become just another club.

So, Heritage is different?
Yes. As I said, we will try not to get in the way of your having a new or renewed relationship with God through Jesus Christ.


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